HM Slave

HM Slave
General Information
Pokemon Bidoof
Gender Male
Level 43 (as of 13/8/13)
Poke Ball Poke Ball
Ability Simple
Nature Naughty
Habit Very finicky
Date of capture Thursday, 2nd August 2012
Where caught Route 202
Level at capture 3
Relatives Handy Tail (spouse)
Twin Tails (released daughter)

HM Slave is a Bidoof.


Date Events
Thursday, 2nd of August 2012 HM Slave battled Tree-Rex before being caught on Route 202.
Until the 24th of August 2012 HM Slave was used for using HM moves until HM Slave 2 was caught.
Unknown HM Slave went into the Daycare, leveled up to Lv. 43 and left sometime before 9th August 2013.
Sunday, 25th of August 2013 HM Slave produced an egg with Handy Tail, which later hatched into Twin Tails.


Move Date learnt Date lost Replaced by Usable?
Tackle Caught with it Unknown Unknown No
Amnesia In the Daycare Yes
Take Down In the Daycare Yes
Super Fang In the Daycare Yes
Superpower In the Daycare Yes
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