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Handy Tail
General Information
Pokemon Aipom
Gender Female
Level 22 (as of 14/8/13)
Poke Ball Poke Ball
Ability Pickup
Nature Serious
Habit Likes to thrash about
Date of capture Sunday, 19th May 2013
Where caught Route 205
Level at capture 10
Relatives HM Slave (spouse)
Twin Tails (released daughter)

Handy Tail is an Aipom.


Date Events
Sunday, 19th of May 2013 Handy Tail was caught on the Honey Tree on Route 205.
Sunday, 25th of August 2013 Handy Tail produced an egg with HM Slave, which later hatched into Twin Tails.


Move Date learnt Date lost Replaced by Usable?
Fury Swipes Unknown Yes
Astonish Unknown Yes
Scratch Unknown Yes
Swift Unknown Yes