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General Information
Pokemon Alakazam
Gender Male
Level 21 (as of 15/8/13)
Poke Ball Poke Ball
Ability Synchronize
Nature Quiet
Habit Highly curious
Date of capture Friday, 17th May 2013
Level at capture 5
Evolution Kazza spent an unknown number of days as an Abra
Kazza spent an unknown number of days as a Kadabra

Kazza is a Alakazam who was recieved in a trade as an Abra.


Date Events
Friday, 17th of May 2013 Hilary's Abra, Kazza, traded Kazza in return for a Machop.
Unknown Kazza evolved into a Kadabra
Kazza evolved into an Alakazam.


Move Date learnt Date lost Replaced by Usable?
Teleport Received with it Yes
Disable Unknown Yes
Confusion Unknown Yes
Hidden Power Unknown Yes