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General Information
Pokemon Palkia
Gender None
Level 70 (as of 13/8/13)
Poke Ball Net Ball
Ability Pressure
Nature Bold
Habit Mischievous
Date of capture Saturday, 10th August 2013
Where caught Spear Pillar
Level at capture 70

Spatial is a Palkia who was caught at Spear Pillar.


On the 10th of August 2013, at Spear Pillar, Spatial (still wild) battled against Star Tail, who managed to weaken Spatial before being defeated. Spatial then attacked Seas and Tree-Rex until he was caught in a Net Ball.


Move Date learnt Date lost Replaced by Usable?
Spacial Rend Caught with it Yes
Heal Block Caught with it 27/8/13 No
Earth Power Caught with it Yes
Slash Caught with it Yes
Surf 27/8/13 Yes