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General Information
Pokemon Doduo
Gender Female
Level 1 (as of 26/9/13)
Poke Ball Poke Ball
Ability Early Bird
Nature Timid
Habit Thoroughly cunning
When Egg obtained Thursday, 26th of September 2013
Date hatched Thursday, 26th of September 2013
Where caught Spring Path
Evolution TripleTeam spent less then a day in her egg

TripleTeam is a Doduo.


Date Events
Thursday, 25th of September 2013 An egg was obtained.
TripleTeam hatched.
Monday, 30th of September 2013 During a battle with Bertha... TripleTeam leveled up to Lv. 11 and learned Rage.
TripleTeam was defeated by Whiscash.


Move Date learnt Date lost Replaced by Usable?
Peck Hatched with it Yes
Growl Hatched with it Yes
Quick Attack Hatched with it Yes
Rage 30/9/13 Yes